At Pirate Island Coffee, our charitable giving sets sail on a unique course. We're not just about brewing coffee; we're about brewing change. Approved 501C3 organizations receive a special code for their supporters, and up to 50% of the revenue from sales using this code is donated directly to the charity. This initiative is a reflection of our Christian faith and commitment to community, embodying our values of compassion, generosity, and unity.

Charting the Course for Giving:

  • Charity Partnership Codes: Charities receive a special code to share with their supporters.
  • Generous Donations: A bountiful portion of sales using these codes supports the charity's mission.
  • Selective Approval Process: While we'd love to welcome all charities aboard, our resources require us to be selective. We focus on partnerships that align closely with our values and have the potential for the greatest impact.
  • Journey from Application to Partnership: The voyage from application to receiving a discount code typically spans about 4 weeks.

A Mutual Voyage of Promotion:

  • Collaborative Efforts: We actively promote our charity partners on our social media platforms and look forward to reciprocal promotion, creating a strong tide of support and awareness.

Join Us in Brewing a Difference:

  • For Charities: If ye be a 501C3 organization eager to join forces, find our application form on our website. Let's embark on this journey together!
  • For Coffee Lovers: Your choice to support a charity through your coffee purchase is a powerful way to contribute to a noble cause.

A Call to All: If ye know of a charity that would be a good fit for our mission, let us know! We're always on the lookout for new partners in our quest to make a difference. Together, we can brew a brighter future, one cup at a time.

Information Request

Let's work together to raise funds for your group or charity. The process is simple and the return is great. Interested in learning more? Fill out the information request form and one of our Pirate Island Coffee crew members will reach out to you.