We believe there is no such thing as a dumb question. Dumb answers, however...


Where is your coffee shop located?

When folks ask about Pirate Island Coffee, they often wonder where our coffee shop might be. The answer's simple, matey: we don't run a coffee shop. We are Pirate Roasters, not Pirate Toasters. Though we're fond of sharing a good coffee recipe on our Instagram, we're not the ones to whip up your favorite latte or coffee drink on your way to work. Our craft is roasting coffee for you to enjoy at home. So, you'll be making your own delightful cup using our top-notch roasts.

Can I stop by your roastery?

In a word: no. We appreciate your eagerness to visit our roastery! But alas, our ship has set sail and there be no more room for added passengers. Perhaps there will be a day when we'll welcome mateys aboard, but that day ain't today.

Why do your prices change?

Like the tides, raw coffee prices be ever-changing. In fact, they shift daily. When the cost of green (raw) coffee steers too far from our forecasted course, either above or below, we adjust our prices to stay in line with these market currents. Sometimes, this means we lower the sails (reduce prices), and other times, we have to batten down the hatches (increase prices). We've navigated many a year without much need for change, but of late, just like everything else in these waters, the cost of green coffee has been climbing. We're committed to keeping our course true and fair for all our fellow coffee-lubbers... er, lovers!

How often do you release new roasts?

All the time, me hearties! We're always busy charting new courses in the world of coffee, seeking out new origins, crafting new flavors, and blending new treasures. To keep up with our latest voyages and discoveries, sign up for our email blasts and follow us on the social seas – Facebook and Instagram. We often give sneak peeks of our brewing adventures on these platforms. It might not always be as clear as the Caribbean sun, but keep a sharp eye! Ye might spot a hint of a new roast in the corner of a photo or catch wind of a new blend in our posts.


Can I purchase and pick up Pirate Island Coffee today?

Indeed you can! Set your course for the following treasure trove that stocks our Pirate Island Coffee:

  • Harvest Market (Sienna) @ 4603 Sienna Pkwy, Missouri City, TX 77459

We're always scouring the seven seas for more ports, coffee houses, and establishments keen on hoisting the Pirate Island Coffee flag. If ye have a spot in mind that'd be a fine fit for our bounty, let us know! We offer shipshape wholesale pricing for those looking to join our crew.

If I place an order today, when might I expect to receive my order?

You are an eager coffee seeker! The time it takes for your treasure – er, coffee – to arrive can vary, as it's subject to a few factors like the tides and winds. On average, if you place your order today, expect it to be shipped or locally delivered within 2-3 days. A word to the wise: Sunday deliveries are as rare as a calm sea in a storm, so if ye place an order for local delivery on a Friday, prepare to receive your bounty on Monday.

Can you delivery to my work?

Aye, we can! As long as your workplace be within our delivery waters, we'd be more than happy to sail over with your order. For instance, we've got a hearty crew of teachers who are part of our subscribe and save fleet. Some of these fine educators don't anchor at our port but work at the local schools. We cheerfully drop their coffee orders right at the school's front desk, ready for them to savor!

But be warned, matey: once your crewmates catch wind of your delicious treasure, they might just form a mutiny for a taste! Be prepared to share your booty, or ye might find yourself marooned without a single bean of your beloved brew.

I have a "coffee emergency" and need a rush on my order.

In our quarters, we often jest that there's no such thing as a coffee emergency. But we know full well that sometimes, coffee can slip your mind, and when ye need it, ye need it like a pirate needs the sea. If ye find yourself in such dire straits and in urgent need of our brew, the best course of action is to contact us directly. We'll parley with ye to see how we can best navigate this situation and get that precious cargo to you posthaste!


Do you offer a coffee service?

We sure do! Imagine this: three airpots brimming with your favorite roasts – ye can mix and match to your heart's content – along with two flavored creamers, a pint of half-and-half, cups, sweeteners, stirrers, and more. We'll deliver this bounty to the location of your choosing, arriving about 15 minutes before your event begins. All ye need to provide is a table for the setup. After your gathering, we'll return to collect our gear, and like a ship vanishing over the horizon, we'll be off! Give us a holler to learn more about this splendid service.

Visit our Coffee Service Page for more information.

Can I try new roasts before they are released?

Yes! You absolutely can, ye lucky scallywags! If ye be local – specifically in the Sienna, Missouri City area of Texas – ye can apply to join the ranks of the Pirate Island Coffee Insiders. There be some requirements, and we do ask that ye help spread the word using your own social media channels to share your adventures with us. Our Insider club is a small and exclusive crew, but as our band of coffee lovers grows, we're always looking to welcome new mates aboard. We value a diverse palate, as not all taste buds are alike, and we seek a broad range of feedback.

Additionally, for those who regularly order from afar, we sometimes slip a sample bag of our latest concoctions into your shipment. It's a surprise, as random and unexpected as a pirate's life – and that's just how we like it!

Visit our Pirate Island Coffee Insider's page for more information.

Does Pirate Island Coffee support local charities?

That we do! At the heart of our venture, steered by our Christian faith, lies a deep commitment to reach beyond our own shores. We ally with local charities, not for our own glory, but to honor the One who has generously blessed us. By bestowing these charities with a special coupon code, we donate up to a hearty percent of the doubloons from every bag of coffee sold. This endeavor is our way of sharing the love and blessings we've been graced with, aiding those in need and casting a positive light in our community. It mirrors our belief in compassion, generosity, and the strength of togetherness, reflecting the spirit of giving that our faith kindles.

If ye have a charity close to your heart that ye think would align well with our mission, weigh anchor and let us know!

Visit our Fundraiser page for more information.