Our French rEvolution

Our French rEvolution

At Pirate Island Coffee, our journey with coffee is as dynamic as the brews we serve. We believe in evolving, adapting, and most importantly, listening to our community. Today, we're excited to share the tale of our beloved French Roast and the introduction of a new old favorite: the Italian Roast.

Our Original French Roast

Our original French Roast was a dark, intense affair. With its high-roast level, it delivered a flavor profile that was deep, dark, oily and robust. People around the neighborhood loved it, however, as we continued our exploration of global coffee traditions, we realized that our French Roast was leaning more towards the characteristics of an Italian Roast. And as our roasts began reaching beyond our normal channels, we felt that it was best to tow the line so that new buyers were not expecting one thing while being delivered another. 

Introducing Our New French Roast

In our quest to align more closely with the traditional French Roast profiles found around the globe, we made the decision to adjust our roasting process. The result? A French Roast that still boasts an intense flavor, but with a smooth and creamy balance that's more in tune with its global counterparts.

The re-Birth of Our Italian Roast

But what about the lovers of our original roast? We heard you! Recognizing the affection many had for the original darker roast, we decided to rebrand it as a Pirate Island Coffee mainstay offering. Because this roast is reminiscent of a traditional Italian Roast, that's what we are calling it!  It pushes the boundaries of darkness while offering that rich and bold experience long time sippers have come to love. 

Sienna, Siena, Potato, Poe-tah-toe

Interestingly enough, the neighborhood that came to love and support the old French (new Italian) is called Sienna — a vibrant community where both the original and current owners of Pirate Island Coffee reside. Fun Fact: Siena (not Sienna) is a city in Italy, so it kind of makes sense that folks 'round these parts enjoy a more Italian style roast, no? Too much of a stretch? 

In Conclusion

Whether you're a fan of our revamped French Roast or you've found an old love in our Italian Roast, we're grateful for your journey with us. At Pirate Island Coffee, we're not just serving coffee; we're brewing stories, memories, and community connections, one cup at a time.