Why Fresh Coffee Bags Inflate: The Science Explained

Why Fresh Coffee Bags Inflate: The Science Explained

Ever picked up one of our coffee bags and noticed it's as puffed up as a pirate's chest after finding buried treasure? No need for alarm! This isn't a sign of trouble but rather a mark of freshness. Let's delve into this curious phenomenon and put your minds at ease.

The Science Behind the Puffy Bag

After our beans have been roasted to perfection, they continue on their journey of transformation. Much like a pirate shedding his landlubber ways, these beans release carbon dioxide (CO2) in a process known as "degassing." This isn't the beans telling us they're angry; it's a natural part of their post-roast life.

If we sealed these freshly roasted beans in an airtight bag immediately, the accumulating CO2 would cause the bag to inflate, and in extreme cases, the bag might even burst, sending beans flying like tiny tasty cannonballs!

The One-Way Valve: A Coffee Bag's Best Mate

To prevent our coffee bags from meeting a dramatic end, we employ a clever little device: the one-way valve. This allows the CO2 to escape without letting any external air in. This is crucial because air, with its oxygen content, can force coffee to lose its freshness and stale faster. The valve ensures your coffee remains as fresh as the morning breeze.

Freshly Roasted vs. Older Beans

We tend to allow our roasts to degas for a minimum of 48 hours before packing and delivering, shipping, or stocking. Just know, a if you find one of our bags that is puffed-up, that is a good indicator that you've got some freshly roasted beans in your hands. Older beans have already released most of their CO2, so their bags remain more relaxed. Think of the puffiness as a subtle nod from the beans, signaling their peak freshness.

In Conclusion: Celebrate the Puff!

So, the next time you encounter a bag of our coffee with a bit of puffiness, know that it's a sign of quality and freshness. It's our beans' way of giving you a little wink, hinting at the delightful brew they're about to offer. Embrace the puff, brew a cup, and set sail on a flavor adventure!