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New Orleans Roast

By Pirate Island Coffee
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New Orleans Blend: A Nostalgic Brew with a Chicory Twist

Transport yourself to the vibrant heart of the French Quarter with every cup of our New Orleans Blend. Inspired by the rich coffee culture of the Crescent City, this blend captures the essence of New Orleans in a way that's both authentic and invigorating.

Our commitment to quality and ethics shines through in this blend. Proudly Fair-Trade certified and organically sourced, each bean is a testament to sustainable farming and fair practices. But what truly sets this blend apart is the addition of high-quality chicory root granules. Chicory, with its slightly woody and spicy undertones, complements the coffee's natural flavors, adding a unique depth and character reminiscent of traditional New Orleans brews.

As you take a sip, let the flavors transport you to the bustling streets of Bourbon, with jazz notes floating in the air and the rich history of the Quarter surrounding you. It's a taste that evokes memories of 'dem good old days, whether you've been to New Orleans or simply dream of its charm.

A note to our whole bean enthusiasts: The chicory can settle during transit, but that's just a part of its nature. Give your bag a good shake before grinding to ensure an even mix of coffee and chicory in every brew.

So, whether you're starting your morning or settling down for a cozy evening, our New Orleans Blend promises a flavorful journey to the heart of one of America's most beloved cities. Laissez les bons temps rouler!